Misaki Japanese Restaurant (MJR) is designed like a modern style Japanese restaurant with regular dining tables arrangement, sushi counter and private VIP rooms for business discussions.


The Master Chef, one of the shareholders of Misaki Japanese Restaurant (MJR), who is better known as Khor San, has over 20 years experience in the Japanese restaurant industry.

Khor San had started his first touch of Japanese cuisine at Izuei, a fine dining restaurant in Ueno, Tokyo in year 1992. He was so fortunate to have his Master Chef 剑特总厨 taught and shared him all his skills and experiences throughout the 4 years plus he was there.

During his stay in Japan, he visited a harbor called the “MISAKI”. It was highly recommended by one of his Japanese chefs that one should go, which is 2-3 hours journey away from Tokyo city. The ambiance there was so cozy and comfortable, surrounded by sea breeze and fresh air. He bought a sashimi and sushi platter from the fish market, walked and sat onto a hillside in a park facing Pacific Ocean. While enjoying the platter and watching people fishing there, a dream on opening a restaurant named “MISAKI” in future was since then being built.

Khor San’s biggest wish is to combine what he learnt from Japan by satisfying the locals’ favorites, to present his utmost effort to impress you by captivating not only your taste bud, but the impulse to take a shot before enjoying the delicious foods.

He is specialized not only in sashimi and sushi preparation, but the passion, creativity and innovation in presenting the dishes wins his guests’ heart and appreciation, especially the Omakase.